Purley classes

Helen O’Grady hold drama classes for kids in Purley in the following location:

Helen O’Grady drama classes in Purley

Main Church Hall
St Barnabas Church
Higher Drive

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Parking available in local roads.

Day class held:  Tuesdays during term time

Term dates 2018:

Summer Term 2018
Mon 16th April – Sat 21 July
Half-term: Mon 28th May – Sat 2nd June

Autumn Term 2018
Mon 10th Sep – Sat 15th Dec
Half-term: Mon 22nd – Sat 27th O

Class times & ages:

4.45-5.45pm Primary (Ages 5 – 11)

5.45-6.45pm Youth Theatre (Ages 12 – 17)

Price per (13 week) term: £111 (pro-rata discount for enrolment part way through a term)

Teacher: Ian Brown (Principal)










Ian was one of the first Principals to join the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy when it was first introduced into the UK in 1994 and is delighted to be celebrating 22 years with the organisation.

His interest in drama goes back to when he was a teenager, watching shows performed by the old boys’ drama society at his school. He joined the group as soon as he left university and has never stopped acting and directing since then, including some occasional work as a professional actor.

His degree in French and German, gained at the University of Salford, followed by a P.G.C.E. from Goldsmiths College, London, led him to teach the languages in a senior school for some years. Then Ian saw an advert in his local paper and it led to him: “….finding a job to which I was perfectly suited. It allows me to live my life exactly as I like and I love being able to help so many children develop and gain confidence. I have watched so many, many children grow in self-esteem. It is amazing seeing those who can barely speak when they arrive, later performing confidently on stage,” Ian says.


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Age ranges

We offer our theatre training and children's acting classes to the following age ranges:

Lower primary - 5 to 7 years old
Upper primary - 8 to 11 years old
Youth theatre - 12 to 17 years old

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Important dates

Spring Term 2018
Fri 5th Jan - Thur 29 Mar
Half-term: Mon 12th Feb - Sat 17th Feb

Summer Term 2018
Mo 16th April - Sat 21 July
Half-term: Mon 28th May - Sat 2nd June

Autumn Term 2018
Mon 10th Sep - Sat 15th Dec
Half-term: Mon 22nd - Sat 27th Oct

Parent Days
A chance to see your child in action during a class, usually in the last 3 weeks of term. Dates will be emailed to all parents/carers.