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Helen O’Grady Drama – Building your child’s confidence, self-esteem and communication skills

The ability to deal with people confidently, the ability to answer in full sentences, and the ability to engage a room full of people, are skills which are absolutely key to any child’s development. They are skills that don’t always come naturally, but they are skills that can be learned by anyone, and the earlier a person starts to learn, the better.

When it comes to your child’s development you always want the best. That is why we at Helen O’Grady try to provide the skills that children need in a fun way, which will also be appealing for you, their parents. We provide a list of benefits to our parents which will show what we can help your children to achieve during their school life.

However, while our parents pay for the classes, it’s your children who will be attending them. That’s why we pack all of our sessions with fun, laughter and excitement and it is not uncommon for our children to stay with us for many years.

Surely there’s no better recommendation of our drama classes than that!

Drama classes adapted to your child’s needs

Is your child energetic? Are they finding it difficult to release that energy without getting in trouble at school? Helen O’Grady Drama Academy encourage all types of personality to join our drama club. Let your child focus that energy within a structured curriculum, but most of all have fun with other children their age.

Is your child quiet, shy or needing to build some confidence? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried drama classes before, all different types of experience and personality are embraced at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. If you come on your own to your first drama workshop we will make sure we introduce you to a friend straight away, so you feel comfortable and grow in confidence.

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Age ranges

We offer our theatre training and children's acting classes to the following age ranges:

Lower primary - 5 to 7 years old
Upper primary - 8 to 11 years old
Youth theatre - 12 to 17 years old

Find your nearest drama club today by calling 020 8667 9812 or Enrol now

Important dates

Summer Term 2022
Monday 25th April - Saturday 23rd July
Half Term Monday 30th May – Saturday 4th June

Parent Days
A chance to see your child in action during a class, usually in the last 3 weeks of term. Dates will be emailed to all parents/carers.